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This was my second attempt at writing a reusable game framework, I called it WJGE2, or Weston's Java Game Engine 2 - very creative, I know. Ended up using it to make One Switch Shooter and not much else other than this pretty cool demo. Was working on some bug that occured in some machines - the sound is currently disabled as a result (which is sad 'cause it was cool positional audio..)

Notes: There is a sprite controlled by the mouse, its position is what the volume of sound sources is relative to. There are 5 sound sources in this demo: wind, water, magic, horses, and buzzing. These sources are placed next to images in the background which they are associated with.

R = randomize velocities
S = standardize velocities
1-5 = different sort modes (5 is NO_SORT)
left click = speed up time
right click = slow down time
up = increase opacity
down = decrease opacity
right = increase background tesselation
left = decrease background tesselation
L = toggle lights
M = toggle music
T = toggle spinning the camera
ASDW: move around
Mouse Movement: look around
Launch Options:
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